WHAT: Instax Fujifilm Mini 70 for a travel memory capsule

How many readers are travelers, raise your hand. Now how many readers are travelers who want to document travel memories and are not sure how? Well you have come to the right place as I will show you how I have journaled and kept my travel memories alive in a JetSetAway style capsule. 

My thought of capsules have always been in a sealed mason jar or something along those lines, but I wanted to create something organized that I could flip through, but also have separate components for more tangible items if I happen to have more than simply photos.

I love bringing my Instax Mini 70 with me on trips because I am able to get instant gratification for every specific moment I find interesting or I think is worth remembering. No one ever takes a photograph of something they want to forget...

I started with my trip photos that include the Instax prints (mini and wide) as well as 4x4 square prints from the Wonder Photo Shop in New York. If you live in the NYC area, the Wonder Photo shop is a great option to wirelessly and instantly print out images from your phone, USB drive, etc that you may have your photos stored on.

Lay out your images, receipts, souvenirs etc that you want to include in your travel capsule so you can see everything you are working with. It will help you visualize all your pages and what order you will display them out, if any. 

Now, let your creativity flow and use decorative items you may have around your house or can easily purchased via Amazon. I bought a bunch of vintage travel stickers and various types of travel style washi tape because I wanted to tie that look and feel in with my Instax prints mixed in with my very modern vacation. You can't go wrong with a plethora of Sharpies and an open mind for creativity.

Mini clothes pin clips and washi tape are great options for adding a little pop and dimension to the pages of your travel capsule.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

When traveling, I also love writing and sending myself a postcard and mailing it from the country I am in, in order to collect all the different stamps from various places.

One thing that I love to do when I travel is write little notes to myself with inspirational quotes or moments of gratitude for being in that specific place and time. You can include them in the travel capsule by finding mini kraft envelopes at Michaels or Amazon and decorating it with different liners. Other things you can put into envelopes are receipts, tickets or even leftover currency. When you look back and open up the envelopes, it will be a fun little surprise to find what you have tucked in as a remembrance. 

I found some really cool Air Mail washi tape on Amazon and put on the edges of some of the photos for an "old school" feel. I also collected some of the sand from Sugar Beach to include in the capsule as to not only include images and text. Its a great little tangible item that adds some character to the book, just as long as the bag does not bust open!

Well, there you have it, Saint Lucia captured in Volume 1 of the JetSetAway travel capsule. The next time you're away on an adventure, I hope I've inspired you to capture your favorite travel moments on more than just your phone because I promise you, it will bring your trip back to life. Enjoy and bon voyage!


*Thank you Instax Fujifilm for sponsoring this post.