I’m unapologetic for my obsession with travel

Lets talk aspirational fantasy travel versus everyday reality travel.

I'm not a blogger, nor a model, or a socialite or a celebrity. I can not stage the perfect Instagram picture, nor do I have modelesque candid poses, stay in 5 Star hotels or have a professional photographer on retainer following my every move. But what I do have is a love for wandering the world, inspiring others, living in the moment and taking photos along the way! In 2005, I spent a year on a life changing trip to Budapest where I spent little time studying and a lot of time exploring; city after city, country after country. It was then that I realized that nothing was more important than the endless experiences of seeing the world and experiencing different cultures. 

After being on the picture perfect side of the fashion industry and staging the perfect everything, I realized that social media was creating an unrealistic bubble around something I love, traveling. Something that used to be an enjoyable experience has suddenly become a panic over the perfect backdrop and object placement to take an Instagram shot. Traveling is personal, its your adventure and your perfect story, with or without a professional photo shoot.  So while I am not a millionaire, I am living a rich life full of adventures, freedom and fun.

Come get lost with me on my non perfect travel adventures and wander through life. 

I hope this journal inspires you to explore our big wide world, soak in experiences and forget about the perfect social media post. If you become lost during your travels, embrace it, because lost is where you will find yourself. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media and lets cheers to your next adventure!