WHAT: Customized postcards for the constant traveler using the Instax SHARE Printer SP-2

Jemaa el Fna in Marrakech, Morocco

Jemaa el Fna in Marrakech, Morocco

Visiting Morocco, specifically Marrakech, can feel like a magical dream, one in which you are immediately transported to a different era the minute you step off the plane. A time of ancient traditions, sweeping deserts, majestic architecture, and seductive corners alongside vibrant colors and exotic cuisine. As the gateway to Africa, Morocco can be dizzying with diversity, culture and overwhelm your senses in a way you have never felt before. 

This was my second trip to Morocco, specifically for the Festival International du Film de Marrakech. I went into the trip already knowing that I would not be carrying my Instax Mini 70 through the hustle and bustle of the media or on the International Film Festival red carpet, so instead, I opted to pack up my Instax SHARE Printer SP-2. If you do not already own this Instax SHARE Printer SP-2, it is an absolute must have in a travelers suitcase for those ‘on the go’ travel moments! (And not too late to add it to your holiday wish list!)

If you know me, I am a huge handwritten note and postcard fan. Sending them to friends and family and especially myself is a ritual I have continued year after year, destination after destination. Problem is, I usually have to settle for crappy one from a tourist gift shop that I really don’t like that much. Have you ever thought about the photos that you capture on your phone and sending those as a souvenir of your precious travel moments to loved ones back home? While there are plenty of apps that you can upload your image into to have postcards sent, I decided to create on the go postcards using the Instax SHARE Printer SP-2 with my own images to send to friends and family. You will see that during the Festival International du Film de Marrakech, I was at a formal dinner hosted by His Majesty of Morocco, on the red carpet or in the presence of film directors and actors in which bringing a larger camera is not conducive of the situation. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to immediately print them out and send the moments home…

Follow along as I take you on this fairy tale journey though Marrakech down the hidden alleys of the Jemaa el Fna medina, onto the red carpet and through the sand dunes of the Sahara desert by camel. Magic carpet and genie not included.

Step 1. Download the app.
Instax SHARE. Incredibly user friendly and will link directly to the photos on your phone. 

Step 2. Connect.
The Instax SHARE has its own wifi signal, which you will need to connect your phone to.

Step 3. Access photos.
Click open the app and pick the image you wish to print and connect printer.

Step 4. Print (or edit) image.
Immediately get your Instax print from your Instax SHARE printer SP-2.

Simple enough, right? While my Marrakech journey will be documented into my travel capsule, I also printed out duplicates of some of my favorite images to use as postcards. From Amazon, I ordered blank postcards with a very adhesive side that I used to attach three Mini Instax prints. On the other side, write your postcard out just like you normally would. Attach the proper postage and mail out, piece of cake with a cherry on top. Not only are you sending off a personalized gift, but also something quite unique and personal to you. Being able to get the vintage look of the Instax print from a moment that wasn’t taken directly with the Instax camera is pretty incredible. TIP: Bring a sharpie or two to write on the Instax print.

*Thank you FUJIFILM Instax for sponsoring this post.