Reliving Coachella through my Instax Mini Prints

Move over Lana Del Ray, forget Summertime sadness- I've got Desert-time sadness, also known as the end of Coachella 2017. As I cut off my Coachella wristband and corresponding party bracelets, my mind skips back to my only motto for the sun filled weekend: LET ME LIVE (and dance the entire time while doing it). My aching legs and feet from dancing, an iphone with no more photo and video memory and a stack of Instax prints are the remaining tangible moments of this big ol' party in the desert.


This is what happens when you put hundreds of thousands of people clad in a mixture of boho chic and hipster attire in the desert over a two weekend span to revel in eclectic genres of music and larger than life art installations sprinkled with beer gardens and plenty of pool parties; TONS of incredible photo ops of course. The fringe, the braids and all of the new bands, DJs and music I added to my Spotify playlist all remind me, no, I'm not too old to be at Coachella.

This year's major headliners included Radiohead, Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar; not too shabby of a lineup.

In addition to the copious amounts of sunscreen applied and water consumed in the desert, boho hair styles, and barely there jean cutoff shorts, I'd suggest  two more must pack items for a festival like Coachella: my Instax mini 70 camera and my Instax SHARE Printer SP-2, both giving me instant tangible memories to share with my girlfriends in the literal heat of the moment at the festival. So many hysterical inside jokes and funny moments happened alongside each photo and I made sure to document those on the bottom of the prints. You know, to share with my future kids or just laugh at myself during years to come. The camera is lightweight and for Coachella, I bought a case that had a strap attached, for easy carrying around the festival. Mobile phones mean everyone's a photographer, so go a step further and use a Instax SHARE Printer SP-2 to actually print your sun-soaked memories out on command. Promise, its such a hit. I liked using the rainbow color prints to complete the Coachella vibe. 

Follow along below as I relive Coachella through my Instax Mini prints, sans desert heat!

Step one: Open the Instax SHARE app and click on the 'Select from Photos' button. This will allow you to pick which photo you wish to print.

Step two: Pick out the photo from your camera roll that you wish to print. 

Step three: Make sure your phone is connected to the "Instax Wifi"and click 'Connect and Print'. Watch your memory print out in seconds. Note: Despite popular belief, it is not helpful to shake the print to help it develop faster. It actually does nothing and you just end up looking silly.

Step four: To go along with the Coachella theme, I opted to print photos with the Instax Mini rainbow prints.

Step five: Spend some time reminiscing Coachella moments and writing fun notes on the bottom of your prints. Promise, they will be the best when you come back to read these years from now. Or next week. 

Step six: Configure your prints and Coachella memorabilia into a journal or capsule.

I had a little fun making this video on how easy and fun these Instax mini prints can be!

*Thank you FUJIFILM Instax for sponsoring this post.