Location: Somewhere in the Adirondacks

Date: June 2-5th 2016

Who remembers The Parent Trap, Salute Your Shorts and Wet Hot American Summer? They all have something in common and if you know what it on. 

I don't know about you folks but I went to ONE sleep away camp when I was young. Sleep away tennis camp in High School didn't count. Maybe sleep away camps were not a big thing in San Francisco, but as I have grown to see, in New York, they are no joke.

In 6th grade, I went to "Outdoor Ed" which was a weeklong sleep away camp not far from the city I lived in, and it was the first time I was away from home. Bunk beds, 3 minute showers, night hikes, staring up at the starry skies, and meeting tons of new friends; all without our parents around.  We learned about the wilderness, teamwork and friendship; I remember this being one of the most fun weeks I had ever had. It was quite an experience, and just like that, it was over. 

Fast forward, now in my 30's, the thought of sleep away camp brings up a sudden rush of nostalgia. 

Anheuser Busch along with Shock Top in partnership with Camp No Counselors has invited yours truly to "Live Life Unfiltered" at their latest brain child, CAMP SHOCK TOP, a sleep away camp for grownups to act! Capture the flag, Slip 'n Slides, S'mores, and beach volleyball are only a few of the listed activities on the agenda at Camp Shock Top. And the best part? Its all inclusive, meaning instead of worrying about pulling out your wallet, you can just worry about your capture the flag strategy. Even if only for a weekend, forget about your day to day life responsibilities and just live like a kid!  

Camp Shock Top via Shock Top 

Camp Shock Top via Shock Top 

So folks, how about it? Sound like the ultimate getaway? I thought the same thing, so here is the situation. I can bring four of you amazing readers with me to camp! Fun in the sun, kayaks, beach volleyball, water trampoline and unlimited Shock Top, do I need to say more? All expenses paid including lodging, food and transportation; come experience Camp Shock Top with me!

You must be: 21+ and located in the New York tri-state area

To enter: 

1. Scroll below to the @JetSet.Away Instagram page, follow and tag a friend you want to go with and tell me why you want to go to camp! Share with your friends and if they win they may take you! First set of winners will be notified on Friday May 27th at noon and the second set on Sunday May 29th at noon!

2. Sign up for the JETSETAWAY newsletter at the bottom of the page and be invited to participate in future subscriber only contests and events! 

For more information about Camp Shock Top click here. You must be 21+.

As always, GO JETSETAWAY and experience life!