Camp No. Counselors x Shock Top host adult summer camp like you wouldn't believe

Give me 30 seconds:

  1. Heavily prepare for the theme nights. People go ALL OUT. 
  2. Accept that wifi is not available and let go of all the apps you normally go on. You might actually meet and speak with people IRL.
  3. Not to sound like a total priss but I'd bring my own sheets or sleeping bag. Not that there was anything wrong with the provided sheets, you might just be more comfortable with your own.
  4. Bring earplugs. Like an entire box of them.  
  5. There is a camp photographer so you basically have a live in #InstagramHusband to capture all your true candid moments.
  6. Notify camp ahead of time if you have any dietary restrictions. They are super accommodating.
  7. Step outside your comfort zone and try activities you normally wouldn't.
  8. You can go the entire weekend without a shower and not feel completely unacceptable.
Photo   ©   2016 Andrew Lipovsky/ Camp Shock Top June 2-5

Photo © 2016 Andrew Lipovsky/ Camp Shock Top June 2-5

Childhood. Peter Pan Syndrome. The old days, whatever you want to call it. Remember the times of not having to worry about your wallet, work calls or any actual life responsibilities. I'd give anything to be back to the days of not worrying about rent (especially here in Manhattan!), but guess what, there is no turning back the hands of time. Luckily the partnership between Shock Top and Camp No Counselors brings childhood right to you, wrapped up in a perfectly inflated slip 'n slide with a side of ice cold Shock Top. Located in Paradox New York, nestled in the Adirondack mountains, Camp Shock Top recreated the best parts of childhood camp. I'm talking s'mores, campfires and cabin wars combined with adult things like continually open bar, delicious gourmet food, coed bunk mates and broken penis stories, equaling one of the best weekends of my life to date. (Why couldn't I have thought of this idea?Thank goodness Adam Tichauer did!) When friendly conversations turn into a serious 50 person game of flip cup, you know what kind of weekend you're about to have. I can't remember the last time when I left all of my responsibilities behind and let go, but that weekend at Camp Shock Top, I truly "lived (my) life unfiltered". 

Photo   ©   2016   Andrew Lipovsky

Photo © 2016 Andrew Lipovsky

As I come back to my real adult life consisting of bills, work and showers, I have had some time to reflect on this magical weekend with Camp No Counselors, my new camp friends and the motto of "living life unfiltered". We should all be required to take a mental break from life and live like kids; it was a complete recharge for the soul. I came back to my adult life refreshed and full of energy and drive. 

Photo   ©   2016   Andrew Lipovsky

Photo © 2016 Andrew Lipovsky

Honestly, I am not sure what I expected from Camp Shock Top, seeing that I am the most city girl one can get. I work in the luxury fashion space, live in high heels, am constantly in dresses and have a blow out membership, so the idea of camp sounded completely outside of my element. My friends were like "You? At Camp?", and would hysterically laugh at the thought of me slip and sliding and sleeping in a bunk bed. Now those same friends are hysterically trying to find out when the next camp is so that they can join in on the nostalgic fun! I am grateful for Camp Shock Top and having been able to partake in this incredible adventure and absorb its greatest moments.

Photo   ©   2016   Andrew Lipovsky

Photo © 2016 Andrew Lipovsky

One of the best parts of camp, hands down, was not having wifi. In this time of our lives where we share everything instantaneously, it is an amazing feeling to not worry about snapping, graming, tweeting, posting and everything else that we do on a daily basis. 

Having no wifi access feels slightly nerve wracking at first, but when you finally realize you have not checked Instagram in over two hours and you are still alive, a feeling of liberation washes over you.  Leaving all the worries of emails and social media behind, I was able to focus on two things: meeting people and having fun. I didn't worry about when I would shower or when I would respond to a work email, but rather if I would go tubing versus wake boarding or what part of the human pyramid I wanted to be and if I could properly tie dye a bandana. Obviously, having Andrew Lipovsky, our very own #InstagramHusband around, made the job of candid photo taking a very real thing. No need for your phone. Freedom! But when I found this friendly little competition declaration on the cabin mirror, the phone had to make an appearance.


Camp is what you make of it. Of course there is a "suggested" schedule of activities, but nothing is mandatory and there are no rules, which is the beauty of Camp No Counselors. A few hard asks though: Don't talk about work, smoke in designated areas and don't dance on the tables. (Even though I am pretty sure I saw a flip cup game get pretty intense on those tables)

Photo   ©   2016   Andrew Lipovsky

Photo © 2016 Andrew Lipovsky

If you don't want to eat, then don't eat. Don't feel like showering? Then don't. Nobody is going to make you go water ski or dress up in a 90's theme. You can spend the entire time alone or playing flip cup, the choice is up to you. And what amazing choices these are! 

And with the raise of the camp flag, Camp Shock Top officially begins!

Photo  ©  2016 Andrew Lipovsky/ Camp Shock Top June 2-5

Photo © 2016 Andrew Lipovsky/ Camp Shock Top June 2-5


Ok folks, forget basic camp food like chicken tenders and french fries and say hello to gourmet grilled chicken, BBQ ribs, fresh fruit salads and delicious steak and grilled vegetables. Nothing about this camp food says kids! I'm also a total milk snob and love almond milk and behold, camp offers a variety of non dairy milk options. That wins major points for me. Mimosa's and Bloody Mary's for breakfast, yes sir! With food this good, be prepared to go back for seconds...or thirds! 

Theme Nights:

Each night there is a pre determined theme to dress up to, along with an epic dance party, kick ass DJ followed by delicious late night snacks.

90's night was a total hit and I saw some of the best throwbacks I have ever seen. Some of my favorites below starting with a photo of a few of my new camp friends slash cabin mates.

Olympics Night:

Olympic theme night turned into an all out 'Merica fest with people donning their most prized red, white and blue and American Flag paraphernalia. People are 4th of July ready! Some of my favorites below.


Take your pick of kayaking, wake boarding, water skiing, tubing, ropes course, archery, arts and crafts, and then of course all the ball sports you could ever imagine including the ever popular carpet ball! So many choices and such little time, but what a great problem to have! Day 1, we had an entire day free to do any activities our little hearts desired. 

And so much water action...

Friendly Competition: Color Wars

All in camp spirit fun, color wars consist of color coded teams participating in a relay race all competing against each of the other colors. No, it has nothing to do with coloring but instead think relay race consisting of suck and blow, kayaking, tug of war, lip syncing and kickball!

My part in the relay: Human Pyramid and Team Flag Design

Favorite parts: Lip Sync Competition, ending the relay with a slip 'n slide and flip cup challenge!

Of course team photos had to take place

And huge thumbs up for a relay race that ends with sliding down the slip 'n slide and playing flip cup! 

My new friends, the laughs, the campfire tales, the sports, the cabin wars- it all made for one of the best weekends that a responsible adult can have while acting as childish as you wish. Can we say Camp No Counselors is the newest coolest idea for a bachelor/ bachelorette party or team building off sites?

Photo © 2016 Andrew Lipovsky

Photo © 2016 Andrew Lipovsky

If any part of this experience looks interesting to you, you're my kind of friend and you need to click here. Camp No Counselors has programs all over the country and JIC the camps in your area are sold out, you still have a chance to WIN camp admission free of charge! Camp Shock Top wants you to submit a photo of you living your life unfiltered and enter for a chance to go to camp and experience everything above! Find out more here

Camp Shock Top along with Camp No Counselors gave me back my childhood for a weekend, and for this, I am forever grateful. And just like that, camp came to an end and we were saying our goodbyes and exchanging Instagram names. Until next year! 

As always, go JETSETAWAY and find your inner child!